• M702-COOL

Portable Water Cooling Fan

M702-Cool water cooling fan is the 3rd largest water cooling in our fan lineup. The diameter of the fan blade is 30” (762 mm). It’s suitable for medium-size factories, farmhouses, outdoor resorts…etc.
**The Ultraviolet Light model is available for food, medical or hygiene related industries.  
  • M702-COOL
Product Description

The basic concept Evaporative Water Cooling Fan is to use water to low the temperature of the air as well as to refresh the air. We put water into the tank underneath the fan. The water is pump to the top of the fan and then flows down along the cooling pads. The fan blade sucks the air into the fan. As the air is passing through the pad, the water cools down the temperature of the air and takes away dirts and particles from the air at the same time. Eventually, the breeze will be fresh and clean from the fan.

Evaporative Water Cooling Fan can be used in any industrial, Agricultural Commercial areas you can think of such as machinery assembly lines, machine shops, automotive repairing shops, oil field related industries, restaurants, shops, farming houses…etc. The main advantage of this fan is to filter out dusts. It not only reduces temperature and creates air convection but also brings clean air back to the area.

Linmac water cooling fans are 100% made in Taiwan and the main advantage is all equipped with AC motor & inverter variable speed which is more energy saving and durable.
Product Feature

  • Applicable for various industrial, commercial and agricultural places: factories, restaurants, shops, farmhouse, outdoor activities, playgrounds…etc. ‧
  • The fans not only cool down the temperature but they also create convection and filter out particles and dust providing clean air back to your place. ‧
  • Inverter variable speed. M703, 802 and 902 are equipped with electrical shutters for various directions covering wider cooling areas. ‧
  • The fans also create no mist and less than 5% moisture.
Product Specification

*All models are CE certified.
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